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Multimedia piece 3 pieces create the overall piece. As well as a series of illustrations. 



Themes: Human nature, Destruction, Environment, Mental health, Creativities relationship with mental health, Oppositional, Neurodivergent, Alienation.  



Category: Multimedia artwork.

Materials: Acrylic painting on canvas. Resin sculpture. Fish hooks and thread.

Dimensions: Hand: 20cm h X 7cm w.

Canvas: 50cm x 20cm.

Display requirements: Mounted on wall.



Category: Sculpture.

Materials: Repurposed objects, dreamcatcher. Thread, razors and acrylic paint. 

Dimensions: 52cm h X 28cm w.

Display requirements: Hung from ceiling. Can be mounted to a wall but restricts movement.



Category: Multimedia artwork.

Materials: Razor blades, modelling clay and acrylic paint.
Dimensions:  Large: 7cm h X 6.5cm w.

Small: 6cm h X 2cm w.
Display requirements: Attached to wall.

black mirror

Category: Sculpture.

Materials:  Resin, repurposed phone, acrylic paint, and glitter. 

Dimensions: Hand: 20cm h X 7cm w.

Display requirements: Plinth.